Fondazione Berengo : Internship

The Berengo Foundation (Fondazione Berengo) has two main aims. The first is to revitalize and re-energize the glass industry in Murano so that it can take its place, once more, as the world-renowned centre of the glass industry and be able to attract new communities to contribute to its economic success and financial security. The second aim of the foundation is to educate those who are already interested in the art of glass-making, inspire those who are looking for a new medium for their work, and re-establish glass making as a skill and craft of the highest significance. A critically important aspect of the work of the foundation is to position glass making on an international stage by continuing the highly acclaimed GLASSTRESS series of exhibitions.

Fondazione Berengo sponsors an internship program for students with backgrounds in art-related disciplines, architecture, visual arts or art history and management who are interested in learning aspects of working in the administration of an artistic workspace.

The intern will have responsibilities, depending on his/her field of studies and interests, related to catalogue and brochure design, website development, exhibition design and installation and will assist artists in the development of projects. Interns may also assist in research, coordination and organization of the gallery, the administrative office and furnace. In this role, the intern will interface with artists, galleries and the public.

Generally, the foundation requires that the intern be sponsored by an educational or cultural institution. The length of the internship varies, depending on the Fondazione Berengo’s projects and, if applicable, the requirements of the sponsoring institution. A stipend for living expenses is provided.

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