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Varozza in Villa Arconati

For the exhibition of the season 2018 the Augusto Rancilio Foundation offers a selection of the works of the most representative artists of the large collection gathered in Paris Espace Kiron, starting from the Eighties. For some of the artists who in these years have woven a continuous relationship with the gallery a room has been reserved on the noble floor of the building, in order to constitute six monographic sections that give a concise picture of the research of Antoni Taulé, Pierluigi Bellacci, Varozza, Jean-Luc Guérin and André Queffurus, while adding Emanuele Gregolin, whose presence in the collection bears witness to the continuity of the intent of an incentive for young artists, promoted first by Kiron and now to.

Conceived in the perspective of a permanent exhibition that rethinks the rooms of the villa in a dialectical relationship between the ancient and the modern, this exhibition is for the first time the point on the singular experience of business patronage by the Espace Kiron, constituting at the same time, the first opportunity of documentation, the representative for the artists, most have linked their history to this enlightened and unprecedented cultural initiative.

curator: Luca Pietro Nicoletti

Piano Nobile di Villa Arconati-FAR,Via Madonna Fametta, 1
Castellazzo di Bollate, 20021 | Italy



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