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On the occasion of the opening of a new part of the Villa Arconati, still under restoration, the Augusto Rancilio Foundation presents a dialogue between the Villa’s three hundred year history and contemporary art, Works of the Kiron Collection.

For a long time the Villa Arconati-FAR has been a place of absence, closed to the public and uninhabited. Today Foundation Augusto Rancilio brings you ‘Presence’: the physical presence of an audience that can enter and own the culture of a place; External presence that tells others about a place through activities that develop new content; Presence as a consciousness of a place and its meanings; Material presence of a place that must be protected through recovery and restoration. These are the signs that characterize the project of valorization that Fondazione Augusto Rancilio is conducting in Villa Arconati-FAR.

Participating artists: Pierluigi Bellacci, James Brown, Barbara Chase Ribaud, Emanuele Gregolin, Jean-Luc Guérin, Jean Guitton, François Martin, Edouard Pignon, Francesco Podesti, Andoche Praudel, Andrei Prychodko, André Queffurus, Michel Random, Antoni Taulè, Uwe Ommer, Varozza and  Xavier Zimmerman.


Fondazione Augusto Rancilio – Villa Arconati

via Madonna Fametta 1

20021 Bollate MI  | Italy

Only on Sundays a guided tour


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