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Fondazione Antonio Ratti presents “Deep Velvet,” curated by Maddalena Terragni.

The exhibition, Deep Velvet, invites the viewer to dive deep, exploring the fabric and adventure in a narration that echoes of far away encounters, some possible, some yet to come. The history of textiles is, by definition, a living one, because it’s intertwined with the skin and the taste, it travels the world alongside those who wear those fabrics. The textiles created by Mariano Fortuny (Granada 1871 – Venice 1949) dialogue with imaginary that created them, from the anciant velvets to the atmosphere of the exhibtion itself that evokes the world of theater. The final result is a history of textiles and its innovation, illustrated through references. The enlargements of Fortunity’s fabrics, obtained with a microscope and projected upon the walls, set a stage where you can spot weaves, twines and landscapes.
Fortuny’s prints on display are part of the TGL fund, to which was added a new important piece last year, thank to Epson Italia, a long time sponsor of FAR’s collection.

Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Via Cernobbio, 19

22100 Como, Italy


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