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Fondazione Adolfo Pini: Grants

The five scholarships are intended for students and researchers, under 35, for a period of training or research to be carried out at specialized international centers, which will allow to deepen the analysis of the models of artistic activities and growth of cultural centers.

The internship/research activities, at the request of the candidate, can be carried out both in person and remotely or a hybrid. For the performance of a period of internship/research in person and hybride, there is a scholarship worth € 3,000.00 gross. If the internship/research activity is carried out remotely, the scholarship is equivalent to 1,000.00 euros gross. The internship/research period is to be completed by December 31, 2021.

To participate in the selection process, applicants must:
– Be under 35 years of age on the expiration date of this announcement;
– Be enrolled or graduated, not more than 3 years ago, at only art schools, universities or other centers of expertise in Milan.

The following documentation must be attached to the application:
– Copy of a valid identification document of the applicant;
– Curriculum vitae of the applicant’s scientific and professional activity with signed authorization to the processing of personal data (d.lgs.196/2003);
– Portfolio of presentation of works and projects carried out;
– Copy of a document certifying your current enrollment or origin (degree/diploma obtained no more than 3 years ago) at a university or academy in Milan;
– Written presentation of your internship project, including: objectives, methodology, any relationship with previous work, duration and exact period of the internship/research activity, mode (in presence, remote or mixed) (maximum five pages);
– Research Agreement with stamp and signature of the host institution;
– Details of the expenses foreseen for the internship/research activity at the international institution, equal to the maximum amount of the scholarship.

The documentation in Italian must be sent by certified email to fondazionepini@pec.it or sent by registered mail with return receipt to Fondazione Adolfo Pini – Corso Garibaldi 2, Milano 20121, by October 11, 2021, indicating in the subject line the following wording: Candidatura al Bando per l’assegnazione di cinque borse di studio Fondazione Adolfo Pini nei settori dell’arte e della creatività 2021.


For more information and to download the forms, visit: https://fondazionepini.net/borsa/bando-2021/



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