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With “Belly of the Whale”, in the space on the ground floor of the Fondazione Adolfo Pines is redesigned as home environment, toying with the idea of cliché. The viewer is inside a parlor, where the works become furniture. Starting from the trivial, the unexpected becomes even more evident and effective. You create a space where experienced merges with its everyday tools, decorations, his vices, its minutiae, its micro organisms, its possible conducted imaginative.

Under the guidance of Adrian Paci and Gianni Caravaggio and coordinated by Leonardo Pan, each match has a different focus explored through the works on display, in an open dialogue between students, teachers and the public. Appointments, running until 14 June, will also see opening night of confrontation and debate.

MEETINGS * is a project conceived by Adrian Paci, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, with the aim of involving young students of the academies of Milan, offering them a reference point to browse a dimension of encounter and Exchange. Students have the opportunity to exhibit outside of academic institutions. The intent of these experiences, and the project as a whole, falls within the scope of the statutory goals of the Foundation has always aimed to support Adolfo pines, young artists and, in this case, even in contemporary art.

with the artists: Andrea Noviello, Giorgio Ma1a, Elisabe5a Bo5ura, Ambra Castagne1, Mida Fiore, Gabriele Ferrarini, Lucio Papone, William Raffredi, Francesco Puppo and Ran Myung.



Fondazione Adolfo Pini
Corso G. Garibaldi 2,  Milan | Italy


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