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According to the definition of the Larousse dictionary, the word contemporary  is defined as follows:
“Who lives at the same time as someone else, except when certain events occur: Pascal is the contemporary of Moliere. Who belongs to the current period, at the present time. »

And according to this definition, Jean-Pierre Husquinet can probably be described as a contemporary artist, even if he prefers to situate his work in the timeless.
Indeed, by the choice of certain materials used and the techniques employed, his work is at the same time of the order of the traditional, but also  experimental. His practice sometimes resembles craftsmanship by repeating the gesture using rope as a material of choice, whereas in vector drawings he uses a series of different computer programs as well as other recent tools in order to reach the precision it wishes to obtain in the structure of the drawings thus made.


Fondation Vasarely
1 Avenue Marcel Pagnol – CS 50490
13096 Aix-en-Provence, France



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