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Fondation Thalie: Ongoing Call for Proposals (Research Residencies)

The Fondation Thalie is a committed philanthropic project, which aims to support contemporary creation as a lever for action, exchange and transmission.
Based in Brussels, the Foundation sets up a multidisciplinary program which combines visual arts, performance, literature and culinary arts.

Within the space, it offers a research residency in the fields of visual and culinary arts, performance and contemporary thought.

If you are a visual artist, author, performer or culinary designer outside of Belgium and wish to experiment with forms of public expression in your research and wish to share them in an inspiring house of modernist architecture from the 20s, send us your project!
The length of stay can be from one week to one month.

The Foundation invites multidisciplinary practice and a sharing of experiences.
The house offers an exhibition space, an equipped kitchen, writing spaces and a library.

This call is ongoing. It is aimed at artists/ authors / chefs with no age limit.
The Fondation Thalie provides free accommodation and research space (for writing work) for a period of one week to one month in exchange for a proposal within the Foundation’s program in the format of a talk, workshop, performance or meal.
Transportation and daily costs such as food are the responsibility of the resident.
Response time is within two months. If you are selected. the calendar is variable depending on the Foundation’s ongoing activities.


For more information and to apply, visit: https://www.fondationthalie.org/en/call-for-proposal/francais-appel-permanent#.Xors6tMzbBJ


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