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Born in 1960, lives and works between New York and Brittany.

In this era of the reign of the image and in the age of the all-digital where nearly 95 million photos and videos are published every day on the Instagram network alone, Claire Lesteven offers us a completely different practice of photography and image.
If her plastic work is initially focused on drawing, her research gradually leads her to the use of multiple pinhole cameras. More than a photographic medium in itself, these handmade cylindrical boxes with holes in 4 equidistant points are finally tools for drawing more than for photography. These rudimentary circular boxes follow the model of the first camera in history and thus render its importance to the gesture and photographic time. Claire Lesteven is not satisfied with taking photographs of the landscape facing her, but she also captures the one that is usually not visible to the photographer: the one that surrounds her or has her back to her, the one that is out of the field.
By bypassing the classical approach of the photographic gesture, she offers us a multiple and global vision to open our gaze on the other side of the set where all looks have the same importance and where no point of view is privileged.
All of Claire Lesteven’s work is based on this tilting of points of view. By playing with dimensions and perceptions she upsets our visual habits and changes our way of apprehending reality.

For this exhibition, Claire LESTEVEN came in residence at the Fondation Salomon in 2019 in order to create several new pieces with the different districts of Annecy as a playground.

Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain

Abbey – Contemporary art space

15bis chemin de l’abbaye

74940 Annecy, France

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