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Alain Bublex’s (b. 1961) vision, like that of an urban planner, deconstructs landscapes and models by mixing fiction, realism and influences from film sets such as First Blood (Rambo). While raising reflections on the city, the reworked and fantasized large spaces echo the codes of American landscapes that have marked the artist.

For An American Landscape, the artist takes 15 minutes of First Blood and strips it bare of its characters and actions to keep only the scenery. He revisits the drawing thanks to the camera, influenced by the power of detail and the realism of animation cinema. The exhibition is also an opportunity to discover the landscapes photographed in the Annecy region. Redrawn by the artist with the shades of American aesthetics, they reflect the similarities of these two environments, which are so distant and different in their history and geography. Thus Alain Bublex points out “the importance of the natural landscape in the construction of the American identity” but also Savoyard.

Having become an artist after a career in industrial design, the idea of a project-oriented approach and the conception of its realization persists in Alain Bublex’s art. It is about “transforming the world into a project” and attaching it “to a perpetual realization”.

Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain

L’Abbaye – espace d’art contemporain

15b che. de l’Abbaye

74940 Annecy-Le-Vieux


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