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Inhabiting the world, in this world inhabiting a place, in this place inhabiting rooms… In many ways, the confinement decreed for the last few weeks, brings us back to the place we occupy on the planet and to the way we arrange this place. By choice, by comfort or by necessity, it says a lot about the organization of our mental maps, the dance of our ideas and the choreography they follow.

Some people fill their homes with objects brought back from travels, books, sounds and pictures to escape. Others want to purify it in order to bring their imagination to life. Many people even choose to live outside of any dwelling and prefer a nomadic approach to the world. Our home often resembles us and, so that it does not become only a place of isolation, can leave a place for others – we talk about the art of receiving, a gesture of welcome, sometimes even offering a guest room.

The notion of a “home”, in its double dimension of intimate refuge and welcoming the other, is at the heart of the exhibition that was due to open in April at the Fondation d’entreprise Martell. Its title Places to be is evocative: there is no one place or space to be in this world. Just as every human being is plural, a place to be has many facets. We have sought to return to the essence of a “home” by dedicating a function to each space. We have thus entrusted each of these spaces to a different designer, free to create his own habitat with his own aesthetics.

The 14 designers of Places to be offer an exploration of their creation and thus an invitation to travel to a home other than one’s own. The exhibition will be fully habitable, usable and each room can be invested by visitors in a way that is unique to them.

Already at the prefiguration of the Foundation, the artist Vincent Lamouroux built a terra incognita to explore, in the form of a completely white island; then the architects SelgasCano built an unusual architecture to live in, like a forest to get lost in. More recently, the artists Adrien M & Claire B offered an immersive space-time for contemplation, play and meditation. These three original exhibitions produced by the Foundation were already rethinking the way we live in the world. We hope, as soon as this difficult period is over, to continue to offer our visitors places to be, spaces of openness as well as introspection to rethink forms, colours, materials and domestic practices.

Fondation Martell

16 Avenue Paul Firino Martell

16100 Cognac, France


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