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Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght: Director of Communications, Sponsorship, and Development

Coefficient: 400
Classification: G
Reports to: Director

– Communications Manager
– Events and Sponsorship Manager

– Increase the number of visitors to the Foundation
– Increase the Foundation’s side revenues (private hire of the foundation space, exhibition loans, management fees, etc.)
– Increase income from sponsorship, either directly or through the Société des Amis or the International Council
– Raising the Foundation’s profile in France and internationally

1. Communication
In collaboration with the Communication Officer and external communication agencies agencies
1. Define and implement the Foundation’s communication strategy in print (flyers, posters, etc.) and online (website, social networks, etc.)
2. Define and monitor the communication plan budget
3. Develop the digital strategy and produce various content for the different channels (website, newsletter, etc.) 
4. Manage the different digital tools with the communication manager
5. Define and supervise the media (print, outdoor, media, etc…) for exhibitions and the institution
6. Establish and develop communication partnerships to promote the Foundation
7. Oversee the implementation of the press relations strategy for the institution and the exhibitions

2. Marketing
a. Establish partnerships with tourism organizations (tour operators, referral sites, tourist offices, hotels, etc.)
b. Implement local initiatives to publicize the Foundation and its programs
c. Design and implement initiatives to attract a wider audience to the Foundation

3. Sponsorship
a. Design and implement a strategy for identifying and approaching potential patrons for the Foundation’s exhibitions, restoration  projects and mediation 
b. In conjunction with the International Relations Manager, manage the International Council membership
c. Propose fundraising campaigns to various private or public organizations for the Foundation’s various projects
d. Propose fundraising campaigns to the Société des Amis for the various projects of the Foundation.
e. Cultivate and engage patrons at the highest level
f. Implement fundraising campaign for the expansion project

4. Events and Private Hire
a. Define and implement the business development strategy for the various private hiring options in collaboration with the event manager. 
b. Develop a program of events (concerts, readings, performances) and partnerships
c. Develop events to attract new patrons or potential partners (private dinners, cocktails, etc)

To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter written in French to nicolas.gitton@fondation-maeght.com

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