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Lutz Bacher


Throughout a career of over 40 years, Lutz Bacher has constructed works that defy all forms of classification.
The American artist, who adopted a masculine pseudonym as of her first pieces, has produced conceptual works by using diverse media. Her photographs, sculptural arrangements, videos, sound pieces and installations gather objects and images inscribed in our collective imaginaries. Featured constitutive elements of Lutz Bacher’s pieces include: pictures of public personalities found in press that, once copied repeatedly, take on a new life, as well as every-day objects, rubbish collected in second-hand stores then integrated into ready-mades installations, used balloons, marble and sand. Her appropriations recall pop culture, airport novels, pornographic magazines, popular psychology books, paparazzi snapshots and, from time to time, allude to art history. The human body, sexuality, power and violence are key themes in Lutz Bacher’s work, as are the current state of things and beings, and the fine line between public and private spheres.


Lafayette Anticipations
– Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette
9, rue du Plâtre F-75004 Paris | France


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