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In his sculptures and paintings, Alberto Giacometti focused throughout his career on an almost unique motif: the representation of the human being, which he considered to be the raison d’être of the artistic gesture. The exhibition and the book “Histoire de corps” focus on the figures of the female nude, for which the artist has sought to establish a new canon of representation from the very beginning. Moving from naturalism to a neo-cubist schematization that led him to the threshold of abstraction, opting during his surrealist period for a symbolist representation, Giacometti then worked tirelessly to open a modern perspective to figuration from a model. The combination of the various sculptures, paintings and drawings inspired by his wife Annette will reveal to the public the diversity and originality of the treatment of these naked figures, all represented in the same position, from the smallest to the largest format.

Curator: Catherine Grenier

Assistant Curator: Michèle Kieffer

Fondation Giacometti

Institut Giacometti

5, Rue Victor Schoelcher

75014 Paris



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