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They are walkers in the vast, mountainous, log, nature, sculpture, dived in the oceans, being a resident with refugee populations. They are still a designer algorithm, photographer, ethnologist, painter of desolation or plastic surgeon of fragility.

The cuvée 2017 contest Contemporary Talents is composed of 8 winners :Edouard Decam, Cristina Escobar, Sara Ferrer, Claire Malrieux, Camille Michel, Maël Nozahic, Benjamin Rossi et le collectif Sandra & Ricardo.

Initiated in 2011 in a philanthropic approach, the contest talent contemporaries supports contemporary creation and artists from all walks of geographical, generational and various practices. On the theme of water, artists explore issues that may be environmental, societal, plastic, philosophical, anthropological and an infinite amount of subjects.

Fondation François Schneider, 27 rue de la Première Armée – 68700 Wattwiller| France


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