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Anne Immele, without title, 2006

Time and memory are two major aspects of Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema. For the Russian filmmaker the image is necessarily poetic, its vocation is to express life through the passage of time. The contemplative dimension of the relationship to the landscape, the importance of water in all its forms, the interweaving of different temporalities and the wandering are all elements that we find in the photographic practice of Anne Immele, invited by the Fernet-Branca Foundation for this exhibition which is not meant to be an illustration, but a question of the visual universe of Andreï Tarkovski.
In order to create a dialogue echoing the multiple dimensions of the image at Tarkovsky, Anne Immelé has summoned the works of Pierre-Yves Freund and Dove Allouche, whose works are marked by the passage of time. Pierre-Yves Freund’s sculptures take on a suspended dimension, unanswered questions; alteration and modification of solid or liquid elements resonate with Tarkovsky’s aesthetic concerns. For the series Le Temps Sealed, Dove Allouche photographed the filming locations of Stalker (1979) some thirty years after the shooting of the film. The result is landscapes loaded with the memory of the film.


curator: Anne Immelé

Fondation Fernet-Branca
2, rue du Ballon
68300 Saint-Louis/Alsace | France


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