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Opening in 2019, “Matters of Concern | Matières à panser” is the third series of exhibitions curated by Guillaume Désanges for La Verrière. Following on from “Des gestes de la pensée” (“Gestures, and thought”) and “Poésie balisitique” (“Ballistic poetry”), this series coheres around a particular attention to materials. With a title borrowed from philosopher Bruno Latour, it features a wide range of different approaches that variously foreground the spiritual, social, symbolic, therapeutic and magical properties attributed to materials. Across the exhibitions that make up the series, new relations between art and the living world, objects and material elements emerge. Désanges offers an open exploration that sets out to pay close attention to, and even to “care” for, materials, as well as to grasp their transformational power.

The third artist invited by Guillaume Désanges as part of the “Matters of Concern | Matières à panser” series is Minia Biabiany. Her exhibition “Musa Nuit” offers a reflection on the sexuality of contemporary Guadeloupean and Caribbean women and the ways in which history has imprinted itself upon their subconscious. In the Brussels exhibition space, Biabiany presents a sensual, metaphoric journey in which handcrafted objects, sculptures and banana flowers (the titular “musa”) serve to reactivate repressed memories. Born on the French Carribean island of Guadeloupe in 1988, Biabiany views her exhibition as a ritual, allowing her to engage with the question of identity in ways that are both poetic and political.

Image: Minia Biabiany, detail of the installation “Murmuran que el cabello es la memoria,” 2017, black-and-white digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

La Verrière

Boulevard de Waterloo 50

1000 Brussels, Belgium


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