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As a process of re-elaboration or reconstruction of ideas, Wolfric’s work involves questioning the intrinsic and extrinsic values of his practice. To exist authentically and to make a real contribution to painting are important concerns of the artist.

With the series Signes métalliques, Code underground and Coutures métalliques, he frees himself from the traditional canvas used as a support for painting, in favor of offset plates. The latter are sculpted, cut and bound with nylon thread. The paint itself gives way to ink, either the one already present on the printing plates or the one used by the artist. The messages conveyed by Wolfric’s works are carried by a non-academic language with its own iconography: hobo signs.

Hobos are itinerant workers trying to escape the misery experienced by America during the Great Depression. They share information among themselves about the opportunities offered by a place by tracing with coal or chalk on the walls signs of their invention. Hobos is a series in which the painter explores this language and plays with the signs, mixing and coloring them. If classical painting resurfaces here, it is on polyphane, a plastic used in industry, that it flows. In his artistic research, it is like a hobo that Wolfric goes off the beaten track.

– Loïc Michel

Fondation Clément

Habitation Clément

97240 Le François, Martinique


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