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Reading these two words “art” and “collection”, one immediately thinks of a set of beautiful historic cars … and this one exists. On the other hand, what is less well known is the very strong link between Renault and the art of its time. Initiated in 1967, Renault’s rich collection of modern and contemporary art has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Founded on the very innovative principle at a time when contemporary art was still confidential, active collaboration with artists, it now includes more than 300 works of artists from different countries, different practices, among which there a large number of major figures in the history of recent art.

His atypical profile is composed of large ensembles, series, solitary works. Many were made on the spot. This diversity gives it its historical interest. It was built over time, during the daily life experienced by artists. These were for some attracted by the industrial world; the discovery of new means and materials, the possibility of their use for their art, but also by the different human experience it represented for them. The Renault Art Collection now has several generations of artists: that of the already big ones, such as Jean Dubuffet, Victor Vasarely, then the following generations with Jean Tinguely, Arman, Robert Rauschenberg, then Errò, Alechinsky , later Jean-Luc Moulène, finally the young generation Turkish, Chinese or Australian … to name a few. The exhibition thus presents throughout the space of the Foundation a selective journey from 1967 to today significant works resulting from this extraordinary adventure.

Artists: Pierre Alechinsky, Arman, Pol Bury, Robert Doisneau, Jean Dubuffet, Erró, Wen Fang,  Sam Francis, He An, Julio Le Parc, Jean-Luc Moulène, Angela Palmer, Robert Rauschenberg, Niki de Saint Phalle, Arslan Sukan, Takis, Jean Tinguely, Victor Vasarely, Heidi Wood

Curated by Ann Hindry

FONDATION CLÉMENT, Habitation Clément, 97240 Le François | Martinique



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