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Collecting is a mission. To buy, to preserve, to show, to publish. The Clément Foundation has chosen to promote the diversity of creation from Martinique, the Caribbean and its diaspora. A collection is an indefinite set of works, a sum of singularities to be deciphered, ordered and articulated. This exhibition invites you to a journey to the heart of the multiple facets of contemporary art of the Caribbean.

Artists: Thierry  Alet, Victor Anicet, Patricia Baffin, Abel Barroso, Christian  Bertin, Alex Bertrand, Julie Bessard, Hervé Beuze, Ernest Breleur, Mickaël Caruge, Claude  Cauquil, Fermin  Ceballos, Robert Charlotte, Chantal  Charron, Ronald Cyrille, David Damoison, Jean-Joseph  Dumas, Alain Dumbardon , Edouard Duval-Carrié, Hebert Edau, Fred Eucharis, Samuel Gélas, Rodrigue  Glombard, Henri Guedon,  Habdaphaï, serge Hélénon, Jean-marc Hunt, Thierry  Jarrin, Valérie John,  JonOne,  Kcho, René Corail Khokho, Jean-luc Laguarigue (de), Louis Laouchez, Stonko Lewest, John Lie-A-Fo, Audry  Liseron Monfils, Roberto Matta,  Maure, Raymond Médélice, Christophe  Mert, Ismael Mundaray, Mounia Orosemane, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, José Pelletier, Michel Rovelas, Shirley Ruffin, Luz  Sévérino, Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Hervé Télémaque, Philippe Thomarel, Thierry  Tian-Sio-Po, Laurent Valère,  Wolfric

Image: John Lie A Fo, 4 Seasons, mixed acrylic technique, 250 x 200 cm.

Fondation Clément

Habitation Clément

97240 Le François – Martinique


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