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“The 46 videos presented are taken from the collection of Antoine de Galbert, a French art collector. As such, they embody the tastes and obsessions of an individual, having chosen to share them by creating, in 2000, a foundation and an exhibition space: the Maison Rouge, which definitively closed its doors in 2018.

Antoine de Galbert’s rich collection bears witness to his interest in vanities – still life evoking the fragility and brevity of human existence. This interest can be found in his videos, where performance, the staging of the artist’s body by himself, and even the testing of the body, occupy a predominant place. Thus in Chandelier (2002), a filmed performance by Steven Cohen (South African artist, performer and choreographer born in 1962), the artist walks around on high heels, wearing make-up and a chandelier with tassels, in a Johannesburg township that is slated for demolition. More sarcastically, Barthélémy Toguo (born in 1967 in Cameroon, lives in Paris and Bandjoun) stages himself in The Thirsty Gardener, (2005) watering a potted plant made of banknotes. Minimalist burlesque, Roman Signer (Swiss artist born in 1938) shows himself, in Punkt (2006), sitting in front of an easel with a brush in his hand, jumping at the sound of a firecracker that he himself threw and thus producing the only trace making up the painting .

Each person will be able to discover the work of internationally renowned artists such as Mika Rottenberg (born in Argentina in 1976), presented in the exhibition with Sneeze (2012), emerging French artists such as Lucien Pelen (born in 1978 in Aubagne), whose SHED presents a series of videos striking for their sublime landscapes and Beckettian poetry, or Jean-Charles Hue, French filmmaker and visual artist born in 1968, noticed for two of his feature films : La BM du Seigneur (2011) and Mange tes morts: tu ne diras pas (Jean-Vigo Prize, 2014).”

– Julie Faitot

“Day for Night” was SHED’s third exhibition in 2016, at a time when it was a brand new venue for contemporary art. It was part of the Normandy Impressionist Portrait Program; we had proposed the portrait of a collector (Antoine de Galbert) through part of his collection. As four years ago, the presentation of this video collection is this year proposed as part of the festival.

In these particular times when attendance at art venues is limited, if not impossible, SHED, Centre d’art contemporain de Normandie and Antoine de Galbert wanted to join forces once again to organise an artistic event despite the closure of our spaces. These videos are accessible free of charge until 31 August 2020. A new selection of 4 to 5 films among the 46 of this online exhibition will appear every Friday, from 29 May 2020 until 31 July 2020. From 31 July to 31 August 2020, the entire collection will be visible.

SHED warmly thanks Antoine de Galbert for his trust and support.

SHED centre d’art contemporain de Normandie

12 rue de l’Abbaye

76960 Notre-Dame de Bondeville, France



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