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The late 1970s and early 1980s, an artistic movement is spreading around the world under different names: ‘Figuration Libre’ in France (Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas, Hervé Di Rosa, Catherine Viollet…); Graffiti in the United States (Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf,…); Neue Wilde painting (Luciano Castelli, Elvira Bach, Rainer Fetting, Normal group, Salomé…) in Germany; New artists in the USSR (Afrika, Timur Novikov, Oleg Kotelnikov)…
The exhibition “Libres Figurations – années ’80”,  commissioned to Pascale Le Thorel, brings together for the first time more than 50 international artists major and emblematic of this scene. It brings together more than 200 works and evokes this universe through paintings, sculptures, films, videos, photos and archives

“Libres Figurations – années ’80” tells the different episodes of this story and is a testimony to this academic, often challenging art, inspired by popular culture, born in the streets, in the clubs, in the journals as well as in workshops and who maintains a link very hard with the punk rock scene and the band picture.

At the heart of its design is the dialogue maintained by the Commissioner with the artists or actors of the free images for the choice of works that come from international museums, private collections or are on loan from the artists themselves in order to create a live event reflecting the reality of this international movement.


Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc
pour la Culture
Aux Capucins
29800 Landernau  | France



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