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In the accompanying film, you will learn how Brands stood at the cradle of the CoBra movement (1948-1951), but the real world of this painter, who was as much a philosopher, ethicist and ethnographer, was first and foremost, the cosmos.

Today, 15 January 2015, is the day the World Art Foundations website goes ‘live’. 

The aim of the site is to provide a platform for art foundations across the world,where exhibitions and activities will be announced and ideas can be exchanged.  However, above all, World Art Foundations is concerned with the passion that fuels the founders of art foundations.

Coincidentally, the Foundation’s key date this month is the date of birth and death of Eugène Brands (1913-2002).

In the accompanying film, you will learn how Brands stood at the cradle of the CoBra movement (1948-1951), but the real world of this painter, who was as much a philosopher, ethicist and ethnographer, was first and foremost, the cosmos.

From 17 January, the CoBra Museum, Amstelveen, is presenting an exhibition, Collection d’Art, with selected works from the personal collection of Hans and Cora de Vries, in which the work of Brands features prominently.  Cora de Vries, the passionate and unorthodox gallery owner of Gallery d’Art (1969-2004) had a significant influence on the Dutch art world. Her broad vision enabled her to show art from various Dutch art movements at the same time: the Zero Group (Jan Schoonhoven, Henk Peeters and Armando), alongside realists such as Co Westerik, Gerrit Benner, as well as the Expressionists of the CoBra group: Karen Appel, Eugene Brands, Constant etc, as well as international artists: William de Kooning, George Baselitz and Markus Lupertz. As a result, a loyal group of regular visitors, buyers and passersby, including several museum directors, quickly formed around Gallery d’Art

Collection d’Art

17 January -19 April 2015

CoBrA  museum

Sandbergplein 1

NL – Amstelveen


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