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This exhibition by young artistic talent Milah van Zuilen (1998) shows her artistic research outcomes at the country estate, which resulted in the garden route and sculpture ‘10 leaves’. The garden route offers visitors a new perspective on the castle’s gardens and historic trees. In the exhibition, Van Zuilen also reflects on her period as a resident in the forests of Finland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, where she conducted extensive fieldwork.


Milah van Zuilen
Milah van Zuilen studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy and Wageningen University. She won the 2021 Ron Mandos Young Blood Award. She combines ecological fieldwork with her artistic practice and is intrigued by the contrast between the complexity of nature and humankind’s urge to order and classify. ‘10 leaves’ is her first exhibition in The Netherlands.


Kasteel Wijlre estate in the Coach House and Garden                                                                                                               Entrance: Kasteel Wijlreweg 1, old castle gate, The Netherlands





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