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There is a saying: Only time will tell…but if time could talk, what would it feel like? If you want to get an emotional translation of the theory of relativity, you should take a glimpse into the work of Rick Carter. ESMoA is offering a backstage pass into one of Hollywood’s most imaginative artists, who gave us a feel for Time from the Jurassic World, to the time traveling roller-coaster-sequel Back-to-the-Future, the epic story of Forrest Gump or historic dramas of Lincoln and Amistad all the way up to the imaginary future of A.I., Star Wars or Avatar. It seems there is no second in time Rick Carter has not touched with his work.

The ESMoA Experience TIME will try to condense Rick Carter’s ability to make Time alive. Rick Carter’s work does not follow a chronicle search. Instead he catches up with all those Kairos-moments of time, reflecting not on the quantity dimension, but the quality dimension of time. Looking at his work it is not a linear, chronological way, but rather an extensive multilayered journey with a lot of cross-references to his life and personal experiences.

Experience TIME will track down Rick Carter’s ‘source code’ in the attempt to let it boost and inspire a younger generation of artists. In an unparalleled collaboration ESMoA invited a unique group of artists that will take on the challenge to play all these themes of time. Altogether they will weave a fabric with all their incredible skills and perspectives. ESMoA is happy to announce that Luke Hayes, Muraji Khalil, Dalila Paola Mendez, Helena Park, Jacori “Aiseborn” Perry and Carlos Kopyeson Talavera will create works transforming the ESMoA space with hopefully timeless experiences for everyone.

The LAB Artist in Resident for Experience 51: TIME is Alex Garcia.

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