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The Kiss Off, 2007, Fort Riley, KS

They’re the people we love, the people we trust and confide in, the people we identify with. But there’s something else about family that isn’t often spoken about, because, well, it’s not always comfortable to admit. So, let’s just put it out there—family is awkward. That’s right. When a group of people with the same last name and different personalities are forced to spend most of their lives together, plenty of uncomfortable moments are sure to follow. And when a camera is there to capture one of those moments, an awkward family photo is born.

ESMoA is excited to present Awkward Family Photos. Experience 33: AWKWARD will show the wonderfully hilarious collection Mike Bender and Doug Chernack have built with the contributions of families from all over the world. So come home to ESMoA to laugh, cringe, realize you’re not alone, and see how Awkward Family Photos are truly a part of art history.

Curators Mike Bender and Doug Chernack


ESMoA  208 Main Street, El Segundo CA, 90245  | U.S.A.



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