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Samuel Roy-Bois’ artistic practice involves sitespecific installations concerned with the conceptual and material definition of space and the ways the built environment contributes to our understanding of the world.

Through sculpture, photography, and installation, Roy-Bois examines the relational network of objects and their historical resonance: How do we define ourselves through the creation of structures? Is it possible to conceive of one’s existence outside any material linkage? We make things, but are things making us?

For this new body of work, first exhibited at the Kamloops Art Gallery in 2019, Roy-Bois has created an ensemble of constructed and found objects that consider our contemporary material knowledge. His architectural structures act as vessels for everyday objects, point to the ways in which human experience is inextricably linked to manufactured things and spaces, and how the greater meaning of our existence is mediated through things. Referencing what the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard called “hyperreality,” a mode of existence based on the mediated real where fiction and non-fiction are indistinguishable, Roy-Bois’ sculptures and photographs of momentary sculptures (which exist only long enough to document) reveal our tenuous relationship with the real. Through re-presenting everyday objects in improvisational and new ways, Roy-Bois’ blurs the boundaries between art and life and shifts the ordinary into a poetic dimension.

Curated by Charo Neville

Samuel Roy-Bois: Presences is organized and circulated by the Kamloops Art Gallery.
Support for the development and production of new works for the exhibition provided by Esker Foundation.

Image: Installation view, Kamloops Art Gallery. Image credits: SITE Photography

Esker Foundation

4th Floor, 1011 – 9th Avenue S.E.

Inglewood, Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 0H7


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