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Fin Simonetti works with sculpture, installation, and drawing to investigate the uneasy terrain among desires for security and control, states of fragility and vulnerability, and the sensorial, emotional, and psychological relationships we have to objects, bodies, and spaces. Her work adopts forms and imagery with corporal, visceral resonance that poetically undermine our senses of familiarity and ease.

This exhibition will present new and recent works in carved stone and stained glass that connect to themes of emergency, shelter, and magical thinking. Resonant with historical and familial connections, stone and glass are situated as both disparate and materially analogous. While the qualities of these materials are seemingly oppositional—the brittleness of glass versus the strength of stone—Simonetti considers their parallels, including their origins as natural matter and their ability to break down and endlessly recycle into the environment. Rendering these materials into paradoxical forms—a stained glass bear trap or a blue alabaster candle—Simonetti articulates a series of tensions between usefulness and uselessness; action and impotence; protection and danger.

Within these restless relationships the concept of the body runs as a through line. As Simonetti articulates, she is interested in “the unstable line between the body that is a threat and the body that is threatened.”

In these works, bodies become a site for excavation, emotional and physical; they are replete with fissures and sutures, and are also subject to the authority of objects and architectural design—devices of control that make the viewer acutely aware of their own body in space.

Esker Foundation

4th Floor, 1011 – 9th Avenue S.E.

Inglewood, Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 0H7


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