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Chris Curreri’s works complicate and dissolve seemingly dichotomous states of tenderness and violence; abjection and beauty; seduction and revulsion; self and other. They suggest an unravelling of the hermetic borders that have been constructed between us, others, and things in the world.

This exhibition brings together sculptural and photographic bodies of work that form and frame a sense of porousness and consider the tension between moments where things become fixed and the possibility of continuous, nearly imperceptible shifts—the suggestion that bodies and matter can and do exist within a continuum of potentialities.

Clay, photographs, human bodies, glass, concrete, and the earth have all undergone a transformation, shaped and moulded by force—by forces that are tender, by those that are unrelenting, or those that are elemental—to arrive in a moment of ambiguous suspension. Forms rhyme and resonate as vessels, portals, orifices, or thresholds and enigmatically offer the potential of inside and/or outside, exposure and/or concealment, pleasure, and/or potentially, pain. These works revel in productive confusion and address us as proxies of the vulnerable, powerful body.

Esker Foundation

4th Floor, 1011 – 9th Avenue S.E.

Inglewood, Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 0H7


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