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Kelly Akashi, Be Me, detail of Figure 14 or My Alphabet, 2014-15. Courtesy the artist, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles.'

Kelly Akashi, ‘Be Me’, detail of Figure 14 or My Alphabet, 2014-15. Courtesy the artist, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles.


 Streams of Warm Impermanence is a group exhibition at DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation) of artworks that embody new iterations of flesh in a networked era. It looks beyond well-rehearsed anxieties about human corporeity rendered either excluded and redundant, or abstracted and vacuous, by the digital era; to empowered bodies operating through the network to perform, transform, transcribe, reconfigure or reinvent. Streams of Warm Impermanence looks at artworks that articulate a vision of flesh as a material and a locus of fluid identity full of potential.The artists in this exhibition work with ‘Networked-Flesh’, which infiltrates and is informed by the systems around it: these bodies are both subjects and objects. Neither static and solid nor fully fluid, they approach a condition of Sublimation (a term from Physics for a direct transition from solid to gas). As they infect, pollinate or mutate through networks, all bodies have the potential to be “trans-” in its literal meaning: across, through, beyond.The exhibition includes sculptures, paintings, drawings and never previously presented in London as well as new commissions. Practices by international contemporary artists are accompanied by historical works that point to key moments of shift in artists’ engagement with the body.

With Kelly Akashi, Jean-Marie Appriou, Dora Budor, Justin Fitzpatrick, Ann Hirsch, Max Hooper Schneider, Donna Huanca, Renaud Jerez, Jason Matthew Lee, Athena Papadopoulos, Anna Uddenberg, Stewart Uoo, Issy Wood; and works by Renate Bertlmann, Carolee Schneemann, David Wojnarowicz, Martin Wong.

The exhibition is curated and produced by Vincent Honoré (Chief Curator, DRAF) with Nicoletta Lambertucci (Curator, DRAF), and Cedric Fauq, Callum Kirkbride and Serge Legagneux (Curatorial Assistants).
Symes Mews
London NW1 7JE

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