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Leslie Hewitt, Untitled (Landmark), 2021. © Leslie Hewitt

Leslie Hewitt

June 24, 2022—June 5, 2023, Dia Bridgehampton

Leslie Hewitt’s approach to photography and sculpture reimagines the art-historical still-life genre from a Postminimal perspective. Her geometric compositions, which she frames and crystallizes through the disciplines of photography and film theory, are spare assemblages of ordinary materials and personal effects, suggesting the porosity between intimate and sociopolitical histories. Exploring ideas of light, sound, and inertia, the artist has realized an array of low-profile sculptures that are laterally distributed within and outside the gallery, as well as a diagrammatic score composed in collaboration with artist Jamal Cyrus. The two invited artists Rashida Bumbray, Jason Moran, and Immanuel Wilkins to interpret the score at venues in New York City and on the East End of Long Island throughout the yearlong run of the exhibition. The exhibition’s expansive sensorium puts forth an alternative corporeal, spatial, and sonic mapping of the site.

More information on the performances will be announced soon. 

Leslie Hewitt is curated by Matilde Guidelli-Guidi, associate curator.

Leslie Hewitt at Dia Bridgehampton is made possible by generous support from Perrotin and Clarice Oliveira Tavares. Additional support is provided by the Girlfriend Fund, Jane Hait and Justin Beal, Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation, Neda Young, and those who wish to remain anonymous.

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