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Since 1962, Zazeela has worked with her long-time collaborator, La Monte Young, on large-scale installations in sound and light. Though Zazeela’s sculptures and light design have become well known, her works on paper have remained decidedly less so. In fall 2019, Dia will present approximately 30 works on paper dating from 1962 to 1990 (with the majority from the 1960s and 1970s), which showcase the range of materials and motifs that stem from the artist’s deep interest in calligraphy and ornamental forms.

These works on paper advance what Zazeela has termed “borderline art”—challenging the distinction between decorative and fine art by using decorative elements in the fine art tradition, but also using actual borders as content themselves. Dia will also exhibit several examples of drawings for concert flyers and posters, as well as album covers, linking together Zazeela’s disparate practices.

Dia Art Foundation

3 Beekman Street

Beacon, New York 12508



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