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David Shrigley

Laughterhouse is a presentation in the Slaughterhouse of a documentary film about goats whose cries sound like those of human beings.

It is amusing to behold goats making these sounds and it is intended to be a funny film.
However; slaughterhouses are not funny places.
Particularly if you are a vegetarian or a goat.
The contradiction between the comedy of the film and the history of the space is the motivation behind this artwork.

At the opening of the project, there will also be a presentation of a piece of music created using the goat sounds from the film. The performance will use electric guitars created by the artist.

In addition to this, there will be a small intervention on the tables of the cafés on Hydra: customers at these establishments are invited to season their food with “Invisible Dust” sprinkled from a specially created ceramic vessel.


DESTE Foundation Project Space, Slaughterhouse, Hydra | Greece



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