CUE Art Foundation is currently accepting applications for four full-time positions. We encourage you to read through the following background and context information before applying.

Position descriptions, with details on how to apply, are linked at the bottom of this page.


CUE Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with and for emerging and underrecognized artists and art workers to create new opportunities and present varied perspectives in the arts. Through our gallery space and public programs, we foster the development of thought-provoking exhibitions and events, create avenues for mentorship, cultivate relationships amongst peers and the public, and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Founded in 2003, CUE was established with the purpose of presenting a wide range of artist work from many different contexts. Since its inception, the organization has supported artists who experiment and take risks that challenge public perceptions, as well as those whose work has been less visible in commercial and institutional venues. As CUE enters its 20th anniversary year, we celebrate the voices that have contributed to our work and public presence, and seek to uphold and critically engage with our mission in new and dynamic ways.


CUE Art Foundation is in the midst of a period of organizational transition. Recently, CUE hired Jinny Khanduja as the organization’s new Executive Director. Jinny comes to CUE from Storefront for Art and Architecture, where she had served since 2015, most recently as the organization’s Deputy Director. She brings with her over fifteen years of experience in programming, planning, and strategy in the realms of art, design, urbanism, and policy.

Jinny’s vision for CUE is rooted in her commitment to nurturing and cultivating a sense of community among artists, creative professionals, art workers, writers, students, and members of the public who value emerging and experimental work that challenges systems of power and embedded thought. CUE’s programming, since its founding, has sought to uplift those who have had less exposure in traditional arts settings, and to transcend existing constraints of form, medium, concept and representation in contemporary art. With Jinny’s leadership, CUE’s direction acknowledges that these goals are perpetually a work in progress, as norms and zeitgeists are in constant motion with changing times and shifts in cultural expectations.

At this moment, CUE is hiring for several new positions that align with these priorities. This new structure is intended to bring together a dedicated team that collectively supports artists in all the ways that a small nonprofit gallery space is able to offer, including conceptual and editorial assistance; public and press communications; installation and exhibition design; and fundraising and development, among others. CUE seeks to engage its audiences in inspiring, critical, and just experiences around the making and perceiving of art. Each of the organization’s new hires will have the opportunity to shape and influence the ways in which CUE achieves these goals at a critical moment in its trajectory. While the positions are not curatorial in nature, they do invite candidates who actively demonstrate creativity, collaboration, and curiosity, as well as a commitment to cultivating publicly accessible and mission-driven programs that serve artists of all ages and backgrounds.


Development and Communications Director

Finance and Operations Manager

Gallery Associate

Communications Associate