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CUE Art Foundation is proud to announce the third annual CUE Teen Collective final exhibition. The subject of destruction comes up again and again in the year 2020, as global catastrophes—both literal and figurative—flood the headlines and invade our consciousness. We are bombarded by news of environmental disasters, political upheaval, a global health crisis, and much more. In Fire and Ice, ten teenagers from all over New York City explore the difficult topic of destruction and transform trauma into art. Made in a range of mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and illustration, the artworks in this exhibition also vary in their content; some depict narratives of personal destruction—investigating family issues and subjects like substance abuse—while others portray broader or collective notions of destruction, exploring the impacts of climate change and racism. The works also differ in their approach to destruction: some are fable-like warnings of future destruction, some are eulogies of things past, and others are flat depictions of ruination without offering any solutions.

Unifying the pieces are the artists’ roles as both creators and destroyers. They examine and harness their powers to expose, initiate, and terminate destruction through their artistic practices. The exhibition includes work by Anayi Charles-Pierre, Anna Dawn, Anja Drakulovic, Sophie Foley, Aurora Hidalgo, Cassandra Junio, Anastasia Mantel, Diana Paniagua, Oliver Sheehan, and Jiahe Wang.

Curatorial statement by Jiahe Wang, CTC 2019-20

CUE Art Foundation

137 West 25th Street, Ground Floor

Between 6th and 7th Avenue

New York, NY 10001, USA


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