Coproduction Office : German and French speaking production intern

Coproduction Office applies a distinct approach to its key fields of activity: the production and international distribution of films by essential auteurs. Philippe Bober’s long-lasting collaborations with filmmakers Lars von Trier, Roy Andersson, Ulrich Seidl, Ruben Östlund and Jessica Hausner have enriched the company with the 2017 Cannes Palme d’Or and the 2014 Venice Golden Lion, among others.

Description of Post

German and French speaking production intern with further employment

Coproduction Office is based in Paris and Berlin, and is looking for a future finance manager and production coordinator to complete our team of seven people. We are looking for a cosmopolitan and lateral thinking colleague, who has organisational skills, a good memory and an interest in art-house cinema. You will assist our financial team and executive producers with financial and management tasks related to our films currently in the works.

You will assist our executive producers on the upcoming films by Ruben Östlund, Roy Andersson, Ulrich Seidl, Jessica Hausner or Michelangelo Frammartino, and work with our CFO and our accountants on:
• data gathering and research for prospective finance, casting, coproducers…
• financing applications (film funds, banks etc.)
• film and company cashflow together with our CFO and our executive producers
• allocating costs to projects and preparing cost reports for grants and producers
• reports
• occasional personal assistance to our managing director

• be able to follow-up funds, financers, projects and clients, with an in-depth view of how the sector and a film-sector company work, and an oversight on different aspects of the company (management, production and sales).
• work in an international and multi-lingual environment, in a friendly and motivational atmosphere with engaged colleagues who bring commitment and camaraderie to their work
• obtain valuable experience from working with producers as well as with our founder Philippe Bober on unique films

6 months, full time

Description of Qualifications and Requirements

• a native or fully fluent French or German-speaker with an excellent command of both languages
• proficient with Excel (budgets, cash-flows…)
• able to demonstrate previous experience in the film industry
• a perfectionist, with attention to detail and meeting deadlines
• flexible with a proactive skill set
• computer savvy and proficient in cloud-based applications and virtual workspaces





577,5 € per month and monthly travel card or 1000 € per month and monthly travel card (for graduates with previous experience)



Paris (with the possibility to transfer to Berlin after three months)

We look forward to receiving your full application with a cover letter in English. (Please note: Applications without cover letter will not be considered.)


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