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The Holy See will participate for the very first time with its own pavilion to the Biennale, with ten unique chapels designed by 10 international architects.

Promoted by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, coordinated by the Pontificio Consiglio per la Cultura, and curated by Prof. Francesco Dal Co and Micol Forti, the project is inspired by the Gunnar Asplund’s 1920 Chapel in the Woods at the Stockholm Cemetery.

Architects: Andrew Berman, Francesco Cellini, Javier Corvalan, Eva Prats e Ricardo Flores, Norman Foster, Teronobu Fujimori, Sean Godsell, Carla Juacaba, Smiljan Radic, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Francesco Magnani e Traudy Pelzel.

Curators: Francesco Dal Co, Micol Forti

The project is realized in collaboration with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.


Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy

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