Sketch by Gabriela Albergaria for the project ‘Can we go in a new direction?’. 2023

Centro de Arte Moderna Gulbenkian/ CAM in Motion: Gabriela Albergaria, “Can we go in a new direction?”

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: 05 March – 31 July 2023

Curated by: n/a

Gabriela Albergaria presents a site-specific project installed in a shipping container located in the square outside the Fonte Nova Shopping Centre, in Benfica.

At the CAM’s invitation, artist Gabriela Albergaria proposes to transform the container into a common area, with occasional spaces for community activities that create relationships with those who go there.

‘This container is right next to the entrance to a shopping centre, but it is also next to a wonderful little ‘plantation’ of jacaranda trees which, unfortunately, cast shade over the car park rather than the garden benches.

There are some fast roads around it, but it is also within walking distance of Monsanto Forest Park. At the side, there’s a kiosk to buy a coffee and some tables where you can sit and drink it. There were many other details that contributed to me deciding that the best use of the space would be as an activity room, to invite people to think about whether we could in fact go in a new direction.

An activity involving rethinking our attitude to waste.’


CAM in Motion is an ‘outdoor’ programme that brings together a series of site-specific interventions by artists and exhibitions with works from the Collection in different spaces in the city of Lisbon and its surroundings.


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


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