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Centro Botín presents AS YOU GO (Châteaux en Espagne), a new project by Anri Sala (Tirana – Albania, 1974), considered to be one of today’s most influential contemporary artists. His work explores non-verbal forms of communication with innovative narrative techniques which he builds by means of the moving image, music, sound and the architecture of the exhibition space, creating a highly sensorial immersive experience for visitors.

The first phrase in the title chosen by Anri Sala for this new exhibition – AS YOU GO –implies the idea of movement: that of a time-based work, informed by music and moving images; and that of the visitors, who Sala implicitly encourages to keep moving and hence partake in the making of their own individual experience of an exhibition that bears a certain resemblance to a performative stage.

In many Western languages, the expression “building castles in the air” refers to making unrealistic, over ambitious plans. The French, however, build their castles in Spain –one says “construire des châteaux en Espagne”-. A new exhibition is always the occasion for an artist to explore new formal territories. While the prospect may be quite exciting, it may also prove daunting: experimentation is risky and staging a complex project is always open to an almost magical component. Meanwhile, for a visitor, delving into the new work of an artist can be equally challenging. In fact, one could think of the encounter of the artist’s proposal and the visitor’s perception as something almost improbable.

Curated by: Benjamin Weil, art director of Centro Botín

Centro Botín

Muelle de Albareda s/n

Jardines de Pereda

39004 Santander, Spain


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