Nasher: Michael Dean ‘Sightings’

Michael Dean’s work explores themes of language, the act of writing, and the struggle to communicate in a variety of forms, including sculpture, photography, poetry, plays, publications and performance. Often made of concrete forms cast in flexible plastic bags, his...

Guggenheim in Brussels: ‘Full Abstraction’

The ING Art Center in Brussels presents an impressive set of works from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Solomon Guggenheim Collection in New York. Many of these are master pieces representing the American and European Post-War Abstract Expressionist...

Berardo: The Unfinished Conversation: ‘Encoding/Decoding’

Taking Stuart Hall’s essay Encoding and Decoding in the Television Discourse as a point of departure, viewers will be invited to think about how meaning is constructed; how it is systematically distorted by audience reception and how it can be detached and drained of...

Marabouparken: ‘textiles subtexts’

Textiles constitute an area in which socioeconomic codes, aspirations and desires unfold and are renegotiated. Together textiles write history and textile techniques provide us with models upon which to pin ideas and knowledge. The exhibition Textile Subtexts is part...
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