Pizutti Collection: ‘Go Figure’ & Alec Soth

Pizutti Collection: ‘Go Figure’ & Alec Soth

GO FIGURE takes on the human form in ways both inquisitively tender and provocatively direct. Works offer an array of perspectives about how we look at others, how we look at ourselves, how we take in and interpret bodily forms, and what we deduce from those...
Museu Coleção Berardo: ‘No Place Like Home’

Museu Coleção Berardo: ‘No Place Like Home’

On 28 February, celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, considered his most iconic work and a landmark in the history of 20th century art, No Place Like Home examines how artists over the last one hundred years have appropriated...

Barjeel Foundation: ‘Night was Paper and We were Ink’

The exhibition contains a selection of works on paper from the Barjeel collection that include drawing, painting and printmaking from the mid-20th Century to the present. The works traverse a range of approaches, dealing with everyday encounters, documentation of...

the Feuerle Collection: The Incense Room

the Feuerle Collection is the first art museum to present the theme of Chinese incense culture, and the only place in the world where the traditional incense ceremony is reinterpreted as a contemporary artistic practice as part of a curatorial work in dialogue with,...
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