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Camargo Foundation: Administrative Assistant


The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, was created by the American artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill. It It is a place of residence dedicated to the arts, humanities and social sciences. Since 1971, it has offered the time and space to reflect, exchange, create and produce, in an exceptional environment. The Camargo association supports the work of artists, researchers and thinkers in the fields of arts and humanities and social sciences. These residencies take place within the framework of different programs residency programs, carried out by Camargo or in partnership, ranging from individual residencies for residencies, duet or group residencies, and long production residencies over several years. For several years now, work towards the public has been developed in order to show the research and creation process, as well as to co-construct and present finished objects on site or outside the walls. Because of its history between the United States and France, its dual administrative structure with an American Foundation and a French association, and the people invited to be in residence, it is a multilingual space where English, French and other languages intersect. Being a place to live and work on a human scale, each member of the team (6 permanent staff) contributes to the quality of the welcome and hospitality that is at the heart of Camargo.

For more information: www.camargofoundation.org

Under the authority of the Administrator, the Administrative Assistant assists the Administrator administrative and accounting follow-up, operational coordination, and contributes to the good and contributes to the proper functioning of the governance bodies.

For further details, see full job description (in French)

Deadline: June 27, 2021


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