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Call for projects

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and the French Delegation of the Gulbenkian Foundation are joining forces with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS to propose a selection and reward programme for the creation and development of innovating projects in the field of “Social Practice Arts”, also known as “social arts” or “participative arts”.

The four best proposals of artistic teams or artists in the field of visual arts will be awarded with a prize of 15,000€ excluding tax for this first edition of the “Social Practice Arts” Prize, in order to develop an original and innovating project in the field of participative artistic practices.


Eligibility criteria

Criterion 1
The programme is directed at artists intervening in the field of visual arts.

Criterion 2
The applicant (alone or as a collective, with or without an accompanying structure) must develop a project in France.

Criterion 3
The applicant must propose an initiative combining an interaction between the artist and the public, based on a commitment and collaboration among participants, within a community belonging to a specific territorial or social context.

Criterion 4
The projects that will be considered will be the ones that are currently undergoing and pilot projects, and not projects that are already completed.

Nature of the prize

For this first edition, four awards will be given to four artistic teams or artists for an amount of 15,000€ excluding tax per prize. This amount looks to contribute to the costs involved in the technical and artistic development of the artwork, as well as the artists’ fees. The artist may also call upon other sources of funding to develop the project, namely partner structures.

Nature of the project

The appraised projects should be based on one or several clearly defined research orientations such as (list established as an example and not restrictive):

  • Education;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Ecological transition;
  • Gender equality;
  • Intergenerational relationships;
  • Work conditions and environment;
  • Social cohabitation on a territory; etc.

The participation of the community in the artistic project can be done with collaborations between the artist and artistic and cultural structures on the French territory:

  • Museums;
  • Art centres and cultural centres;
  • Actors of transitory urbanism/third places;
  • Other non-lucrative public or private institutions (non-profit organisations, foundations, etc.);
  • Events (festivals, biennials, etc.).


The applications must be written in French or in English.
The applications can be deposited online and for free, using this form and must include the following:

  • Completed application form (Google form);
  • statement of intent (with one or several images if possible) describing the project, the participants, the potential associate partners and their role (a maximum of 5 pages, PDF format);
  • An artistic file including examples of potential actions that have previously taken place in the field of participative arts, with existing images and documentation (images, texts, interviews, videos) (a maximum of 10 pages, PDF format);
  • biography and a curriculum vitae of the artist (PDF format);
  • A projected budget specifying how the 15,000€ of the prize will be allocated, based on a predefined model that can be downloaded here (PDF format);
  • projected schedule (PDF format).

The maximum size of each document is 10 Mo. Any application that doesn’t respect the required format or size will not be processed.

Projected schedule

March 13, 2022: Closing of applications
May 2022: Selection jury and prizes awarded at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS
End of 2022: Restitution of the laureate projects at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon in
collaboration with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Further information

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