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Bonniers Konsthall proudly presents the first major solo exhibition by the Swedish artist Éva Mag. Mag was born in 1979 in Transylvania, Romania and is one of her generation’s more acclaimed artists. Using the body as her primary tool, she creates works in materials such as unfired clay, textiles, and metals, always with a defiant—almost disrespectful—approach. Mag’s multidisciplinary practice includes photography, performance art, and sculpture.

For the exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall, Mag is making a new piece: a sprawling mixed media installation that reformulates the gallery space and takes a brash stance of resistance to the white cube. The piece is made up of a dizzying collection of objects and junk spread across the floor and walls in an apparently disorganized pile, challenging visitors’ ingrained way of relating to the place. The piece includes a person who is ostensibly working to bring structure and order to these things, but it is an occupation that seems to lack both purpose and meaning.

Mag is also presenting another new work in two acts, the first of which, DEAD MATTERS MOVES, was performed at Performa in New York in November 2019 and can be seen as a prologue to the exhibition. The piece is performance- and installation based and involves ten dancers and ten sculptures made from textiles and clay. In the work’s second act, some of these clay sculptures are brought into the konsthall, where they play the leading role.

Bonniers Konsthall

Torsgatan 19

113 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Éva Mag There is a plan for this / There Is a Plan for This Installation view / Installation view 22.4 – 16.4 Bonniers Konsthall Photo / Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

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