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Sharon Lockhart ‘My Little Loves’ (still)

Born in Norwood, USA, in 1964, Sharon Lockhart has immersed herself for over 20 years in the daily lives of her subjects to make films, photographs, and installations that capture their uniquely human qualities through studied, choreographed compositions. The exhibition, presented by the Museu Coleção Berardo in cooperation with Doclisboa’17 – International Film Festival, is part of the festival’s “Passages” sector dedicated to the intersections between cinema and the modern multimedia arts.

Lockhart’s engagement with conditions of childhood serve as the foundation for this exhibition. Lockhart takes Rudzienko, the work to be screened at Doclisboa’17, as a point of departure allowing the actions, experiences, and voices of her collaborators to play key roles. Lockhart expands on ideas surrounding children’s rights, ephemerality, and empowerment with a selection of works from 1999 and 2017 such as an installation of Podwórka (2009) and a group of works made in collaboration with Milena, the young woman who brought her to the Youth Sociotherapy Center in Rudzienko and has acted as the catalyst for Lockhart’s ongoing work in Poland.

Curated by Pedro Lapa.
Co-production with Doclisboa’17 – International Film Festival.


Berardo Museu | Praça do Império

1449-003 Lisboa | Portugal



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