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Andrea Marescalchi, Monte Sim, 2008, inchiosto su tela


Location: Milan, Italy

Dates: 30 November 2022 – 20 January 2023

Curator: Michela Eremita with Archivio Andrea Marescalchi

From the views of Kailash, Tibet’s sacred mountain, to the last works titled Deità, done in 2015, the works featured in this first exhibition of Andrea Marescalchi after his passing evoke without filters a spiritual afflatus. All subjects, whether animals, landscapes or objects, transcend the real, charging the image with mystery. The magic square of numbers, a hallmark of Marescalchi’s practice, often towers over the various representations made in black and white, in ink on paper or on canvas. A technique that requires an exercise of the gesture and an absolute rigor of the sign.
The exhibition, produced in collaboration with the Marescalchi archives, also consists of a short roundup of paper and photographic documents that allows us to learn about the study and research paths and fellow travelers who accompanied the artist throughout his practice.

Biography of Andrea Marescalchi

Andrea “Bobo” Marescalchi (Rome, 1954 – Florence, 2015) attends the Artistic High School in Florence and later the Academy of Fine Arts.
In 1975, after interrupting his studies, he begins to work with graphics, while becoming interested in the oriental calligraphic art.  He then started training to replicate the speed in the writing gesture, deepening and studying both techniques and materials.
Alongside his personal research, he collaborates with various artists, producing multi-handed artworks and also worked as an assistant to Alighiero Boetti and Sol Lewitt.
Fascinated by mathematics, numerical symbology, repetitiveness and arithmetic perfection he developed a practice in which the objectivity of the image is connected to unexpected elements. Magic squares, playing cards, geometric shapes, red and yellow numbers superimpose the main imagine usually painted with grey and black India inks.
In 2002, after having his studio in Via Toscanella for over 10 years, he moved to Borgo Albizi in Florence, where he continued working until the last days of his life.
His works can be found in numerous private collections in Italy and abroad.

Biography of Michela Eremita

Michela Eremita is an art historian. She curates multidisciplinary projects, as well as collections and exhibitions in different cities and various contexts such as Manifesta (2018) and La Biennale di Venezia (2023)She is in charge of research projects related to contemporary art at the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena, Italy, where she co-founded (1998) the Children’s Art Museum  creating an international collection dedicated to childhood containing more than 400 artworks with a diachronic development.


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