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Drawn from the Arter Collection and curated by Arter’s Founding Director Melih Fereli, the exhibition For Eyes That Listen brings together works that feature a strong connection with music and sound. Taking its reference from the methods and approaches of Fluxus artists, the exhibition invites visitors to explore and imagine the “sounds” evoked by the works within the overall silence prevailing in the gallery space. The third exhibition of Arter’s “Sound Art Projects” series, For Eyes That Listen focuses on understanding how we relate to the visual world surrounding us from the perspective of sound and enhancing our awareness to the intrinsic role sound plays in art. Engaging in a close dialogue with each another, the exhibitions For Eyes That Listen and Rainforest V (variation 3) also serve as a single exhibition through their relations to the concepts of sound and silence.

Image: John Cage, Déreau #31, 1982. Thirty-eight engravings with drypoint, aquatint and photo etching, printed in two impressions each
58.4 × 74.3 × 3.5 cm (framed). Arter Collection. Photo: Hadiye Cangökçe


Irmak Street No: 13 Dolapdere

Beyoğlu 34435 Istanbul, Turkey


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