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The objective of the project is to put a new light on persons with disabilities and their stories and to raise questions among the audience concerning these filters created by stereotypes and misconceptions  which have distorted our vision and values.

The photos seek to raise awareness and understanding that the society is ever enriched by the diversity of its members.

The artist has taken the photos between 2014 and 2019 in Italy, Ecuador, Romania, Nepal, Germany, Albania, Cuba, Mongolia, India, Ireland, Switzerland, Kenya, and Cambodia.

“When I began this project and started to travel to take photos, I asked the people I met to tell me their point of view, to choose how they wanted to be photographed – how they wanted to be represented in order to challenge the stereotypes they face. What you see here is a collective project where each subject chose their own way to be represented. It is not only my work, but the work of everyone represented here.” Christian Tasso

ART for the World

Palazzo Trevisan

Campo S. Agnese, Dorsoduro 810

Venice, Italy


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