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Erica Deeman “Whiteborders”

Where do you feel most at home? In a year when thousands of migrant children have been sent to live in tent cities, rents for a San Francisco apartment average $3,750, and wildfires have destroyed entire communities, the question of how people define “home” has never felt more urgent. Some feel nostalgic about where they came from, some never left the towns they grew up in, and others couldn’t wait to leave. At Home features a variety of emerging and established photographers — including Ahndraya Parlato and Gregory Halpern, Texas Isaiah, Pixy Liao, Ricardo Nagaoka,Irina Rozovsky, Mark Steinmetz, and others — who traveled through ten states in the American West and spoke to people about what, and where, home is. The series includes a formerly homeless woman who finally feels settled in her tiny house in Seattle, a single mother who found her sanctuary living off the grid in the New Mexico desert, a couple who built their dream mansion in the mountains, a DACA recipient who has proudly purchased his first home in Utah, and a Los Angeles native who feels at peace by the ocean.

This exhibition coincides with the publication of The California Sunday Magazine’s December special issue in which all stories will be told through photography, focusing on a single theme: Home.

At Home is sponsored by Google Pixel, which launches the Google Pixel 3, with its most advanced camera, in the U.S. today. Google Pixel is also the exclusive photography sponsor of The California Sunday Magazine’s December issue, which will be available online at www.californiasunday.com on November 29 and in print on December 2.

Photographers Featured

Ash Adams
David Black
Widline Cadet
Erica Deeman
Lauren Angalis Field
Jim Goldberg
Katy Grannan
Talia Herman
Texas Isaiah
Taylor Kay Johnson
Pixy Liao
Sanaz Mazinani
Andrew Miksys
Ricardo Nagaoka
Ahndraya Parlato & Gregory Halpern
Karen Miranda Rivadeneira
Irina Rozovsky
Marshall Scheuttle
Mark Steinmetz

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