Fahrad Moshiri ‘Once Upon a imeT’, 2014

Encompassing several bodies of work created over decades, Farhad Moshiri: Go West explores the artist’s varied subject matter, deft use of language, and wide-ranging materials and methods. Moshiri addresses contemporary Iran’s traditions and historic isolationism, and simultaneously acknowledges the powerful appeal and influence of Western culture in his homeland. Born in 1963 in Shiraz, Iran, Moshiri spent a portion of his formative years in the United States during the Iranian Revolution, returning to Iran years later as a young adult and artist.

The exhibition brings together paintings and sculptures that have never been displayed together, many of which are traveling to the United States for the first time. Highlighting Moshiri’s artistic techniques and the subtle transformations unfolding in his work, Go West reveals his evolution as both a painter and a sculptor.

The exhibition is curated by José Carlos Diaz, The Warhol’s chief curator.

Andy Warhol Museum | 117 Sandusky Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890 | U.S.A.



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